Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am here to talk about Education as a lifelong process.

Education in a person’s life starts at birth. It is oftensaid that a person is born with a clean slate. As he or she begins to learn various things, this slate becomes coloured.A baby is first taught by his mother. He taught to eat, drink,speak and later to walk and run.

When a child starts schooling, his teacher takes over from his mother. He taught moral values such as respect, kindness and loyalty. He makes new friends who also teach him many things. He takes part in co-curucular activities that interest him. A child learns to choose what is good for him. He also learns to choose his friend. This is important time for children. As he grows older, he learns to choose subjects that interest him and help him to choose a career.

When a person startsworking, he is exposed to people from different walks of life. He is more mature now. He learns from his experiences at work, as well as,from friends and colleagues.

When he has his own family, he learns to be a good role model for his children. He still learns to ke up with the current times. He has to learns what is good for his children and their future

A person learns every step of the way. He receives education all the times, sometimes from other people and sometimes from experiences.

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